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Where To Buy Porta 6 Wine

The benefits of red wine are well known, with a myriad of health benefits associated with frequent (but note excessive!) red wine consumption. Whether reducing chances of heart disease, stroke, or lowering chances of depression (and come on, we must admit it lifts your mood) it seems like the benefits of having a glass of red wine a few nights per week are generally accepted.

where to buy porta 6 wine

In recent years, many people (myself included) have expressed dismay at the direction that Majestic have been taking, especially regarding its selection of wine, which has become increasingly reliant on own-brand labels. Over the past ten years, their retail model has changed significantly from the one I knew. This was doubtless necessary in an evolving (and challenging) British wine market, but none of those strategies seems to have done enough to save Majestic. Consequently, their recently announced plans are to sell some stores, rebrand others and redirect funds to the group's Naked Wines operation.

Made by Vidigal, whose motto is 'the best possible wine at the lowest possible price', Porta 6 is a blend of 50% Tinta Roriz, 40% Castelão and 10% Touriga Nacional from the massive Vinho Regional Lisboa area. There is nothing especially remarkable about that, so the explanation of the quality in the bottle must be down to prudent grape sourcing and canny winemaking.

Being such an innovative wine company, Vidigal Wines has decided to print its Porta 6 wine with a label developed by the plastic artist, Hauke Vagt, who portrays a scene of electric trams in Lisbon (an icon of the capital), which in addition to the means of transportation of the residents is a very touristy transport one of the best ways to do to get to know the historical and charming city of Lisbon.

Porta 6 red wine is fresh and pleasant, originally from the vineyards of the Alenquer and Cadaval Region, in the mountains north of Lisbon, is an undeniably typical Portuguese red wine, despite its playful and fun label. Fresh aroma with tropical fruit and citrus, highlighting the passion fruit. With mineral notes.

A powerful yet gentle wine. The palate is complex with a fruity mouth of red and wild berries and hints of nuts. Solid acidity that provides structure and a soft mouthwatering feel. The finish is medium in length leaving trails of fruit and oak.

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Porta 6 is a wine from the Lisbon Region, produced by Caves Vidigal and made from Tinta Roriz, Castelão and Touriga Nacional grapes. Known as the Portuguese wine that has "crashed" a UK sales site due to the exhausting demand provoked by a BBC television show. This wine is characterized by being round, with a balanced acidity and silky tannins.

On the palate this wine is soft with a medium to full body. The earthy tones intermingle with the blackberries, blueberries, wild raspberries and faint hints of violets. This super wine is uncomplicated, well made and enjoyable.

Porta 6 is the must-have Portuguese wine for Christmas parties, dinners with friends and everyday occasions. Porta 6 is a range of great tasting red, white and rosé wines which are well-priced and widely available from all six of the major UK supermarkets, as well as Majestic.

  • Vidigal Wines, Porta 6 White Wine 2020Lisboa, Portugal, Dry White, Cork, 13.0% abvTweetShare086(2021) From Lisboa, the wine region close to the city of Lisbon and once known as Estremadura, this is a blend of local grapes Arinto and Viosinho, with Viognier and Chardonnay. It's a very nice little wine, and versatile too, medium-bodied with good acidity and a zesty, sparky personality. The fruit dances between ripe apple and pear and something more tropical, but with zip and a herby twang of brightness for easy drinking, on it's own or versatile with food. Watch the video for more information and food-matching recommendations.7.50

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.Similar Wines: 86 - 90

Trader Joe's has long been a staple for shoppers trying to track down decent wine at a budget price point. But, even if you know roughly where Trader Joe's keeps its popular wines, every store differs slightly due to size and personal style, and scratching the surface of the bottle options can be as daunting as untangling the finale of a Christoper Nolan movie. Known widely for its two buck Chuck (otherwise known as the Charles Shaw collection, which is now, actually, "three buck chuck,") the average price of a bottle of vino sold at Trader Joe's lurks around the $15 mark. Still, the store routinely contains bottles ranging from the shockingly low $4 price tag up to the low thirties.

Originating from France's Cotes du Rhone region, a G.S.M. (grenache, syrah, mourvèdre) can now be found in wineries worldwide. The grape breakdown of Tenebres' (2020) relies on almost an even distribution of each grape at 34% grenache, 33% syrah, and 33% mourvèdre, and shows as the heaviest-bodied red we're endorsing on this under $10 list (it retails for $5.99).

Weighty on the nose and smacking on dark cherries, Tenebres is dry, austere, and a wine that asks for food. On its own (and without time to breathe), the tannins dry up the tongue and cause an astringent sensation, but once kissed with a little spice, stewed tomato, or herbed stew, the wine takes a step back and slides off the tongue with ease. Not for the new-school wine fanatic to religiously devote themselves to the rules of drinking natural wine, Tenebres leans more toward the taste of classical wine enthusiasts who want a little heft and a lot of body to their reds.

One of Trader Joe's most celebrated wines, Honey Moon viognier, is one of the rare bottles that Trader Joe itself hypes with a lengthy background in the stories section of its website (via Trader Joe's). Though viognier remains a lesser-known varietal than grapes such as chardonnay or sauvignon blanc, its growing popularity is reflected by its emerging prominence in California's planting of the B-list grape.

Of all the categories of wine available at Trader Joe's for under $10, the sparkling section of the store will be the most stable corner of the store to rely on. Just as in proper Champagne, wines classified as Prosecco must follow certain tenets; the wine must be made from (at least) 85% glera grapes, made in the Charmat method (in steel tanks), and originate from the Valdobbiadene region of Italy.

Vinho verde, always a good value wine, is perfect for picnics, hot summer days, and summer holiday potlucks. Another Portuguese wine varietal, vinho verde often sports a light, pleasurable fizz (though not fully sparkling) and a gentle, bright palate to match.

At only 9% ABV, Espiral possesses a minimal reductive quality immediately after being poured, and until the wine hits the tongue, it could be understandably mistaken for a sauvignon blanc. Once the spritely (but sparse) bubbles mingle with the palate, an iceberg lettuce quality comes through, and we're reminded of long nights of hanging out on a porch. A wine that doesn't necessarily need food to be enjoyed, we'd love a long pour of Espiral with ceviche, vegetable gazpacho, or other foods just as chilled as we like this varietal of wine.

Somewhat of a fan favorite amongst Trader Joe's wine enthusiasts (such as Reverse Wine Snob), Trader Joe's has stocked Porta 6 Vinho Tinto in its stores through handfuls of vintages, and its busy and colorful illustration may be familiar in a mere glance.

The second Prosecco featured on this list, Villa Antica's Asolo Prosecco has a softer, silkier bubble than most other Proseccos at Trader Joe's and can stand alone without juices or spirits. At only $7.99, Asolo represents the baseline for what we look for in a decent bottle of sparkling wine.

No list would be complete without a pinot noir entry, and for those of us who enjoy the light but somehow shadowy dimensions of a pinot, Caretaker Wine's newest vintage (2021) satisfies the general yearning for the grape without checking all of the boxes of a truly great wine. But, for $9.99, we don't expect an otherworldly experience so much as one that can make our worldly one slightly more enjoyable for a glass (or two).

Don't judge a book by its cover, and don't judge a bottle of wine by its garish, gaudy, textured bottle. Made entirely from pinot noir grapes, Opaline brut rosé comes in a bottle resembling a Kat Von D lipstick casing and looks like a prop in a corny Netflix comedy like "Emily in Paris."

The grape we depend on overall when searching for a bottle under $15, muscadet, or melon de bourgogne, has been a reliable resource anytime we find ourselves at a conventional grocery store. Though grown in the states (such as Oregon), the grape that produces the light, white wine is domestically referred to as simply melon and rarely produces a pronounced zing.

From the producers of the #1 premium Portuguese red wine in CanadaThe wines produced by Vidigal from the region of Lisbon, originate from vineyards close to the Atlantic Ocean. The influence of the sea breeze helps create with a range of wines that are approachable and have broad appeal. 041b061a72


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