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Buy A Coke Bottle With Your Name On It

Choose your favorite brand and special occasion or theme label and input six different custom names and phrases (up to 18 characters each). Pay $7.95 per bottle or receive special pricing based on order size! All bulk bottle discounts will be automatically applied to your cart at checkout. Price breaks are as follows:

buy a coke bottle with your name on it

For people with less common names, Coke is offering the chance to order a custom bottle online emblazoned with a name or personal message. The 8-ounce glass "Share a Coke" bottles cost $5, plus $5 shipping. A six pack gets free shipping.

The integrated marketing campaign encouraged consumers to not only purchase Coke, Diet Coke and Coke Zero bottles and cans personalized with their name on it but to also share beverages with the names of friends and family members on them.

There is a common misconception that the city name marked on the bottom indicates where the bottle was actually made. In general, the city or town name, in most cases, has nothing to do with the location where the bottle itself was manufactured. The city name usually indicates the location where a local soda bottling concern or distribution center was situated, and where the bottles were supposed to be originally circulated.

Hi i have a 10 oz. Coca cola bottle ,with the hobbled skirt. No deposit no refund, on the neck. The bottom of my bottle says not to be refilled, then reading right to left; 68. 16. L**-1188. Please give me the year and place of manfacture. Oh, and it was found in a creek at an old house place, beside a wagon road. Really cool ! Thanks! TraceyPedigo, Ward, Arkansas

Hey dave have a green coke bottle with 70 a oval shape then 20 n thats it ? Another one is clear has s7 double stamped and 775 and another clear one has pat d 105529 then 38 a 0 and a eye type oval and 44 any info would be great thxDarren

hi, i found an old coke bottle that has 1635 root 13 on the heel. above the coca cola is a large K and on the bottom of the bottle is K.B.Co. the base is thick and uneven and bottle has a green hue. im just trying to date this bottle can you help?

I have 3 coke bottles that have Greenville, sc on the bottom. one has small letters. the other two have large letters. one of them has a L in the center. one of the bottles that has the large letters has on the side pat D-105529. It also has 63L51 on the side. the others do not have this number. Do you have any info about these bottles. thank you.

I recently found a green bottle with nothing but the words.. Return To The Bottler Of Coca Cola no numbers or letters on the bottom or anywhere else. Any info on this bottle would be very helpful. I have had no luck finding this exact one anywhere on line. Most have skinnier necks where this one is fatter.

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Finding your name on anything, whether it be a key chain or fridge magnet, is a simple pleasure. So it came as no surprise that when Coca-Cola rolled out bottles personalized with people's names on the label it was a massive success.

With few exceptions, contour Coca-Cola bottles manufactured before the mid-1960s are labeled entirely with embossed lettering. Thus, an embossed Coke bottle is almost always older than a painted-label one. Contour Coke bottles first appeared in about 1916, when blown-in-the-mold bottles were being replaced by early machine-made bottles. Contour Coke bottles with embossed lettering and no painted label will therefore date between 1916 and about 1965. Various distinguishing features may be identified on individual bottles to date with greater precision nearly all bottles from this 50-year period.

In the case of contour Coke bottles from 1938 and earlier, some will have date marks, and some will not. Some date marks for bottles from the 1930s and late 1920s will appear as embossed two-digit numbers on the waist. In other instances, bottles from the 1930s, as well as some dating back to around 1916, will have date marks found as small two-digit numerals embossed on the heel (the smooth bottom rim at the base of the bottle). It is best to search for these date marks with a magnifying glass and good light as they are easily overlooked and, even when found, seldom easy to decipher.

When located on the heels of early contour Coke bottles, these tiny date marks will often be embossed together with letters identifying the name of the glass company that made the bottle. Thus, CHATT 26 indicates a bottle made in 1926 by the Chattanooga Glass Company, whereas ROOT 31 represents a bottle made in 1931 by the Root Glass Company, and LGW 23 signifies one manufactured in 1923 by Laurens Glass Works. Of the 22 Coke bottles in my collection that date from the period 1928 to 1938, 12 have date marks on the waist, 9 have date marks on the heel, and 1 has no visible date mark. Of the 25 Cokes I have from the period 1916 to 1928, none has a date mark on the waist, 21 have date marks on the heel, and 4 have no visible date mark.

When it comes to dating straight side Coca-Cola bottles, all of which are from circa 1900 to 1920, the process is frequently more challenging, and the final determination often less certain. But first a few words about straight side Coke bottles. Prior to the advent of automatic bottle machines in the early 1900s, and before bottle-making technology allowed for the manufacture of contour shaped bottles, soft drink bottlers relied on cylinder shaped bottles made with straight sides in two-piece wooden molds. All of these were crown-top bottles.

As bottle-makers improved their manufacturing processes, they soon learned to make complete bottles by machine, eliminating the need for applying the top of each bottle separately and by hand. Soon early automatic bottle machines were producing finished bottles much more rapidly, and these bottles may be distinguished from ones with applied tops by noticing that two mold lines run straight up the side of the bottle to the top of the lip.

As for dating straight side Coca-Cola bottles, lack of uniformity in bottle production throughout this era prevents consistent accuracy. In some cases, Coke straight-sides have date marks on the heel similar to those found on many contour Cokes from 1916 to 1938, as described above. Among the 42 straight side Coke bottles in my collection, 13 have date marks on the heel. In the absence of such markings, however, collectors are generally left to speculate as to a manufacture date with little reliable evidence to go on.

From Aaron to Zach, head to to see if your moniker is among those selected. Then your summer search begins as you try to track down a limited-edition 20-ounce bottle of Coke, Diet Coke or Coke Zero with your name on it.

There are some that enjoy going to the store for getting a Coke bottle with their name on it, others instead prefer to go online and buy it on eBay. According to Terapeak, an eBay analytics firm, around $32,000 in eBay sales have taken place since the famous #ShareaCoke campaign was launched. After extensive research, the analytics firm got some interesting data about the Coke bottles auctions, and identified the 10 most wanted named Coke bottles in eBay.

People enjoy the moment of searching a bottle with their name on it, take pictures of it, share it on their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter; and even participate on auctions in eBay to get the one they want. According to Terapeak people would pay an average of $7 to $8 per bottle in auctions and some would go as high as $80.

I think that they had them in a cooler like any other retail store. I know that they didn't have a great selection. My name is almost impossible to find also and i couldn't find it in their store. Who would have thought Kimberly was such a hard name. They only had keychains with a good selection of names.

As they say, the simplest design usually turns out to be the best and most elegant solution to the problem. The winning Geyser Tube design was a clear plastic tube with a special fitting that twisted onto any soda bottle. The trigger pin at the bottom of the tube prevented the Mentos from falling into the bottle until you pulled the string attached to the pin. The moment the pin was pulled, a slider ring resting above the pin fell into place and covered the holes where the trigger pin once was. The Mentos mints then dropped into the soda. But there was one added bonus: the restricted hole at the top of the plastic tube helped to build up more pressure in the bottle and launched the soda up to 30 feet into the air!

And consumers no longer have to scour the aisles looking for a specific name thanks to a new e-Commerce component that adds a degree of customization by allowing people to order personalized individual or six-packs of 8-oz. glass contour bottles at

Up to 2000 customers will be able to take advantage of the free offer. After that it will cost $7 per bottle plus $5 flat shipping rate. Customers who order four or more Cokes wt their names on them will receive free shipping.

On the freshly launched e-platform, you can check if your name is on any of the bottles or cans that were released into the market on the 10th of January, or check the meanings of about 600 Nigerian names that have already been selected from a vast assortment of names across the various regions of Nigeria. 041b061a72


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