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[S3E8] Escape From Isla Nublar PATCHED

Finally, the Campers escaped Isla Nublar aboard a boat at the end of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous season 3, and while the final shot is a cliffhanger of a mystery dinosaur locked in the bowels of their vessel, the sense of relief among the Campers echoes the uplifting feeling of how Dr. Grant and the others felt when they flew away from Isla Nublar in at the end of Jurassic Park.

[S3E8] Escape from Isla Nublar

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous has long indulged the surrounding franchise for some clever Easter eggs and exciting new perspectives on the universe. But it just found the best way to bring in an element from the original Jurassic Park film -- and actually use it in a tactical way. The show focuses on a group of teens who barely survived the chaos of Isla Nublar after being more or less left for dead during the events of Jurassic World. In Season 3, Episode 4, "Clever Girl," the group splits up and explores the island while trying to find supplies to repair the boat left by Tiff and Mitch after they were killed by dinosaurs in Season 2.

This is actually a deep-cut reference to the original Jurassic Park novel by Michael Crayton, which deviated from the film adaptation in some key ways -- including the death of Hammond in the exact way Yaz describes. The Park becomes more important later in Season 3, Episode 8, "Escape From Isla Nublar." After finally repairing the boat, the group finds themselves faced with a fresh challenge from the Scorpius-Rex, an earlier attempt by Doctor Wu to bioengineer a hybrid dinosaur. Capable of reproducing asexually, the creature is able to roam the island and target the young humans, with one of them almost killing Sammy with the use of her poisonous quills.

Reasoning that they need to stop the creatures, Darius leads the group back to the original site of Jurassic Park and finds a tranquilizer gun. But his lack of experience with the weapon means Darius isn't able to bring the dinosaurs down with it. The group is forced on the move through the building, even briefly hiding in the kitchen in a reference to the famous kitchen sequence from Jurassic Park. Later, the creatures are killed when the group realizes how structurally weak the building has become, and causes it to collapse onto the creatures while Blue keeps them busy. Subsequently, they barely escape the falling building.

Following the breakout of the Indominus Rex, he became stranded on the island along with his fellow campers, missing the last ferry evacuation. He survived for 6 months, encountering poachers and mercenaries from the Lockwood Foundation before he successfully managed to leave the island on the poacher's abandoned boat.

His salvation was short-lived however, after becoming caught in a kelp reef their boat was attacked by the Mosasaur which had accidentally been released from the lagoon by the Lockwood mercenaries. He washed up on an another Costa Rican island where Mantah Corp where conducting covert research operations.

Late on evening, while sat around a campfire at the cabins, Darius attempted to tell his fellow campers a scary story but kept getting interrupted and eventually gave up as it started to rain. The following day, the campers gathered out in one of the herbivore paddocks where they would be driving Gyrospheres. Nervous about riding with a fellow camper, Darius asked Dave if he could ride solo, but Dave encouraged him to try and bond with Brooklynn. Riding alongside the herd, Darius looked in wonder at the Brachiosaurs, Parasaurs, Stegosaurs, Ankylosaurs and Sinoceratops whilst a disinterested Brooklynn continued to peruse her phone. Brooklynn began to open up to Darius about her dwindling viewership and popularity as well as her need to be liked by others. A storm began to form overhead, and the radio contact between the counsellors and the other park workers became intermittent. Leaving the campers at a safe distance from the herd, Dave and Roxie drove off inform the park workers that they would be pulling out of the cattle drive. Seeing a rogue Sinoceratops running away from the herd, Darius decided to ignore their instructions and persuaded his fellow campers to use their gyrosphere to trying and herd the animal back towards the rest of the herbivores. Despite Sammy's attempts to rein the group in, Darius's overconfident attitude led to his gyrosphere getting butted by the Sinoceratops and thrown back into the rest of the herd, causing a stampede. Escaping into the jungle, Darius and Brooklynn found themselves cornered by another Sinoceratops which proceeded to attack their gyrosphere, piercing its glass shell with its horn, and knocking them into a mud pit where the vehicle began to sink. Unable to escape, the pair began to despair at their situation when the other campers suddenly arrived. After trying to push the vehicle out of the mud themselves, Sammy was able to calm down the Sinoceratops enough to use her to pull the Gyrosphere out of the mud just before it disappeared beneath the surface. Dave and Roxie arrived to see Darius and Brooklynn emerge from the gyrosphere, covered in mud but unharmed. Later that evening, Brooklynn approached Darius back at the cabins where he admitted he thought he knew everything about dinosaurs, but he had made a mistake. She reassured him that tomorrow was a new day.

Awaking the next morning, Darius and the rest of the campers found that Dave and Roxie had left early to head into the park to meet with management to discuss the incidents so far. The campers arguing has been interrupted by a distant roar. Wondering what it was, Darius convinced the others to go to the Observation Tower to see if they can spot the source of the noise. While on the tower, they spotted a lone Brachiosaur and two panicked Park Workers that were trying to convince them to get back inside. They watched the Indominus Rex kill both the Brachiosaur and the Park Workers. As the Indominus Rex tried to take down the tower, Darius and the others escaped via zip line to the forest floor and successfully evaded the hybrid. The children returned to the camp to find it in ruins. As the campers argued amongst themselves, Darius stepped up and gave an inspiring speech. He then took charge to lead them across the island to find help.

As the group of survivors made their way through the jungles of Isla Nublar, they found themselves at Gray and Zach's broken-down Gyrosphere and they met up with Bumpy, the baby Ankylosaurus from the genetics lab they visited prior. Eventually, they reached an ACU vehicle and were chased by the Indominus Rex once again. They managed to escape and took refuge inside the Genetics Lab where they encountered Eddie, one of the Scientists who had been left behind. When Darius mentioned they have a vehicle, Eddie ran outside and stole the van. The children watched helplessly as the Indominus Rex attacked the van and killed Eddie. The predator then turned its attention to the children and searched for them. They managed to reach the van and escape from the Indominus Rex once again. As they drove away, the van crashed and the campers were forced to continue on foot. 041b061a72


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