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Buy Loungewear

As a result, a lot of those sets have been selling out, making it harder and harder to find comfy-cute pieces that look as good as they feel. To help you take your #stayhome style to the next level, we've rounded up 10 of the best places where you can still buy the trendy matching loungewear sets online right now.

buy loungewear

When you think of Madewell, you likely think of denim (or Meghan Markle's favorite tote!) but the brand also has a collection of cozy loungewear set you'll want to live in. You can snag the classic joggers-and-pullover set or opt for the tie-dye set that everyone is obsessed with right now.

Tie-dye, neon, velour, oh my! Free People is an absolute haven of on-trend, uber cozy loungewear sets. There's everything from fitted crop tops to slouchy crewnecks, joggers to harem pants, and bright colors to soft neutrals. And if you're not so motivated to pick out matching pieces, Free People also has a plethora of lounge jumpsuits and one-pieces that look like a set but are even easier to slip on.

Home to some of the best leggings I've ever owned, Aerie is well-known for its super soft loungewear basics. Not only do they have pieces that fit and flatter every body shape and size, but they also have a variety of prints and colors from muted neutrals to bold leopard print.

Imagine the coziest sheets. Then imagine if you could wear them all day. Thanks to Brooklinen's new line of loungewear, you (kind of) can. I personally own a few of the pieces and love that they're roomy and relaxed-fitting yet still structured and stylish enough that you actually feel like you got dressed for the day.

Want high-quality loungewear that will last for more than just a few washes? Look no further than the selection at Bloomingdale's. The department store has plenty of high-end sets for those of us who are willing to invest a little extra money for a sweatsuit that's well-made and luxurious to the touch. Some favorites? This splurge-worthy set from beloved brand Aviator Nation or this adorable floral set from Sundry.

Like everything else at Target, you can expect a wide range of fun styles, a variety of sizes, and great prices on loungewear. Because the selection is made up of its many different in-house brands, there's something for every style. With prices starting at just $10, Target lets you stock up on cozy loungewear basics without breaking the bank.

You may know Summersalt for its bathing suits that have been popping up on beaches and social media feeds everywhere. While that's still its bread and butter, Summersalt has expanded into the loungewear space and it's getting the same rave reviews. From cozy cashmere that's perfect for lounging on the couch or wearing tucked into a pair of jeans, to cute pajama sets that'll lull you to sleep, Summersalt's versatile loungewear will make you feel cute while working from home.

Tommy John started by making men's underwear, but it has since expanded into all sorts of undergarments and comfortable loungewear for women too. The company approaches all pieces with the 3 F's in mind: fabric, fit, and function. What does that look like in practice? Shirts, sweatpants, bras, and underwear made with high-quality fabrics that feel great and look great on. Tommy John is on the pricier side, but we think it's worth every penny.

If you want to add some color to your loungewear collection, check out MeUndies. The startup is best known for its comfortable underwear and loungewear in bright, funky patterns. The eccentric designs are sure to brighten up your day, but if you're looking for something simple, you can find that too. We love the lounge pants which come in a range of neutral colors.

MeUndies also offers a unique membership service that lets you build up your sock and underwear collection for 30% less. You'll get a new pair each month, as well as discounts on the rest of MeUndies products, like the cozy loungewear.

We've written about Richer Poorer many times before, and we're all convinced it's one of the best places to stock up on high-quality basics. While the loungewear selection isn't extensive, the two options (a fleece sweatshirt and fleece sweatpants) are really great. I'm a huge fan of the fleece sweatshirt and may soon be rounding out the set with a pair of matching sweatpants. The fleece, which is softened with silicone for a worn-in feel, is some of the softest fabric around, and the fit is surprisingly flattering for a sweatshirt. While the sweats are on the pricier side, they feel seriously luxurious and are well worth the price.

Sleepyheads offers a wide range of various pajamas, robes, loungewear, and family matching pajamas. Exclusively sold online to provide our customers the best assortment of patterns, sizes, and fabrics for the best price!

Welcome to Lounge With Us, where comfort meets confidence. An online Charleston boutique delivering real comfort to real women in real day-to-day situations. Our hand-selected collections are made up of sustainable, slow-fashion, women-crafted loungewear so you never have to choose between being comfortable or looking (and feeling) your best again. Here, you can truly have it all.

A true champion of inclusivity, freedom of expression, and diversity, Rihanna's label has consistently provided its customer base with a range of lifestyle and fashion items. The innerwear brand is expanding its base by covering the loungewear market.

Regardless of its price point, cashmere always feels like a luxury. It's a fashion principle as old as time that cashmere is regarded as one of the most decadent and durable fabrics to have in your wardrobe. The material is soft, warm, and exactly what we find ourselves coveting when we're lounging around or working from home. Cashmere loungewear sets are especially great because they're comfortable, require minimal styling, and can be paired with just about anything in your closet. Whether it's a pair of cashmere joggers or a sweater, the plush pieces are elevated enough to wear on their own or as a simple layering piece. 041b061a72