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Frozen Zip

Great results! I read all the above responses, and started experimenting on my husband's dive equipment bag that had every zipper solidly frozen.I used water, a tooth brush, and all had was apple cider vinegar, but I gave it a shot. I first used water to dissolve as much as possible right around the metal zipper pulls on the plastic zipper. I used a pin to take off chunks. I then poured the vinegar around the areas. I just hoped for the best while expecting little while waiting as one response had said--overnight.My husband approached me when I least expected it, saying that all zippers now opened easily! No WD-40 needed, which he had not wanted due to the oily nature.The water and vinegar solved the problem amazingly!!! I probably would have cut the bag to get the equipment and bought a new bag had it not been for this site!

Frozen zip


Success on fixing a frozen zipper. Thank you for your suggestions I have fixed a zip on an outdoor couch cover similar to heavy duty type caravanning awnings. It is a very solid zip but was stuck shut. I followed the advice and soaked the stuck end of the zip overnight in white vinegar and to my surprise the next day I was able to unzip it. Once the zip was dry of the vinegar I used a lead pencil and transferred as much graphite as I could up the entire length of the zip. Works well. Thanks again.

FDA guidelines show that most foods last between three months and a year when frozen. However, I think using your frozen food before then helps prevent waste. How many times have you forgotten about something in the freezer because it's been in there so long?

Databases are frozen by the Export Configuration task or possibly something else like a groovy script. During that time a support zip may be generated. It is important for support to know if any of the 6 databases are frozen as that may help us determine this as a cause to a reported problem.

Currently there is a frozen.marker file written to the db directory which could contain some relevant info. It may be prudent to capture that file in the support zip if present. Alternately you could store the database frozen state inside jmx.json ( from an mbean ) or sysinfo.json as a datapoint.

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