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Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Alfavit AZ: A természet erejével az egészség, a szépség és a jó közérzet szolgálatában

The Ukrainian alphabet (Ukrainian: абе́тка, áзбука or алфа́ві́т, romanized: abetka, azbuka .mw-parser-output .noitalicfont-style:normalor alfavit) is the set of letters used to write Ukrainian, which is the official language of Ukraine. It is one of several national variations of the Cyrillic script. It comes from the Cyrillic script, which was devised in the 9th century for the first Slavic literary language, called Old Slavonic. In the 10th century, it became used in Kievan Rus' to write Old East Slavic, from which the Belarusian, Russian, Rusyn, and Ukrainian alphabets later evolved. The modern Ukrainian alphabet has 33 letters in total: 20 consonants, 2 semivowels, 10 vowels and 1 palatalization sign. Sometimes the apostrophe (') is also included, which has a phonetic meaning and is a mandatory sign in writing, but is not considered as a letter and is not included in the alphabet.

alfavit az


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