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The Great Riviera Bank Robbery 1979 Download HD Quality

The Great Riviera Bank Robbery 1979 Download HD Quality

The Great Riviera Bank Robbery, also known as Dirty Money and Sewers of Gold, is a 1979 British heist film written and directed by Francis Megahy and starring Ian McShane, Warren Clarke, Stephen Greif and Christopher Malcolm. The film is based on a true story of a bank robbery masterminded by Albert Spaggiari in 1976, who dug a tunnel from the sewer into the vault of a bank in Nice, France, and stole millions of francs worth of cash, jewelry and gold bars.

The film follows the planning and execution of the heist, as well as the aftermath, as the robbers try to evade the police and divide the loot. The film also explores the political motivations of some of the robbers, who are members of a right-wing nationalist organisation with links to the Organisation armée secrète (OAS), a paramilitary group that opposed Algerian independence from France.

The Great Riviera Bank Robbery 1979 Download HD Quality

The film was released in 1979 in the United Kingdom and in 1980 in other countries. It received mixed reviews from critics, who praised the performances of the cast, but criticised the lack of suspense and originality. The film was also compared unfavorably to the French version of the same story, Les Égouts du paradis (The Sewers of Paradise), which was released in the same year and directed by José Giovanni.

The film is now considered a cult classic among fans of heist movies and British cinema. It is also one of the rare films that features Ian McShane in a leading role, before he became famous for his roles in TV series such as Lovejoy, Deadwood and American Gods.

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