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Where To Buy Generalaire 990 13 Evaporator Pad

This replacement evaporator pad is also called a "filter" or "water panel". The water panel captures water as hot, dry air from your furnace blows across it, providing comfortable, humid air to your home. This product serves as a replacement for many brands and models (see list below)

where to buy generalaire 990 13 evaporator pad

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General 990-13 Humidifier Filter. Genuine OEM General 99013 humidifier filter for your General whole house humidifier. This item must be replaced at least once per year for optimal performance. Fits General model 709, 1040, 1042, 1137 series humidifiers and others. Instructions on how to replace this part are available on the owners manual button below. There is a white coating on the filter which sometime is overdone by the plant. In this case the excess coating flakes off and is sometimes found in the shrink wrap bag the filter is packaged in. This powder is not harmful and is thrown away with the packaging.This item is sometimes called a water panel, media filter, evaporator pad or humidifier pad.

The aluminum construction of the GeneralAire 990-13 / 7002 replacement humidifier evaporator pad material ensures superior absorption, greater water distribution, and increased humidity output. The heavy wire frame provides durability for longer service life. Improving household air quality isn't just about removing pollution. It is also about having the correct amount of moisture in the air. When humidity drops health problems can quickly arise. Like dry or scratchy throats, chapped lips, cracked skin, and bloody noses. Replacing you humidifier evaporator pad and following regular maintenance of equipment is important to maintaining the highest possible indoor air quality. 041b061a72


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